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Two major roads cut through Highlands Ward and merge at the top of Slades Hill.  The A1005 starts there, heads north-west as The Ridgeway, leaves the Ward and passes over an interchange with the M25 before entering Potters Bar.  The A110 originates west in Barnet, briefly forms the ward’s boundary with Cockfosters before a downhill stretch on the orbital Enfield Road, and then runs up Slades Hill.  It continues down Windmill Hill, forming a boundary with Grange Ward, then through Enfield Town and out towards Woodford.

The major roads divide Highlands into three sectors, each with connecting byways.  To the west Enfield Road links with The Ridgeway via Uplands Park Road.  To the east The Ridgeway links ultimately with Baker Street via Lavender Hill.  To the south, Enfield Road links ultimately with Green Dragon Lane via Bincote Road and Worlds End Lane.  These byways are frequently as busy as the highways.

Buses:  All the major roads are served by red 
London Buses.  The Potters Bar road is served by the 313 Bus, connecting Enfield Chase and Potters Bar suburban rail stations.  The Enfield road is shared by the 307 and 121 Buses between Enfield Chase (suburban rail) and Oakwood (London Underground) stations.  Our Ward also benefits from a more local service with the 377 Bus which shares these stopping points but diverts between Slades Hill and Oakwood forming a ‘hail and ride’ route via Worlds End Lane, Lonsdale Drive and Prince George Avenue.

Railways:  Our Ward incorporates no stations but along its eastern edge runs the Hertford North National Rail route with stops at Enfield Chase (Grange Ward) and Gordon Hill (Enfield Town Ward).  Just outside its western flank is Oakwood (Cockfosters Ward) on the London Underground
Piccadilly Line.

On your bike?  

The vision of our London Assembly has stretched outward to Enfield with the Mini Holland scheme.  This is a lifestyle cycling strategy designed (in the words of former Councillor Bond) “to get people out of their cars and onto their bikes”.  And he describes the initiative as “an exciting time for cycling in this borough”.

This transformation comes at a price; not least the millions of pounds required to be invested by the Council in order to receive funding from the Assembly.  FERAA has represented the grave concerns of many local residents' associations.  Reorganising routes and asserting pre-eminent rights of way for cyclists (every hour of the day on every day of the week) is threatening to make residents and visitors, shop-keepers and customers, pedestrians, transporters of goods, chattels and passengers; construction, maintenance and health workers on call, car drivers and motorcycle riders and many other road users feel like second-class citizens.  Some cyclists are refusing to adopt the new routes, others seem reluctant to give way to bus boarders.  The urban scene will need time to regain its composure.

Bus route W10
456 is the newly allocated number for this route, extended from Enfield to North Middlesex Hospital.
Via:  Enfield Chase, World's End Lane, Eversley Park Road, Church Hill, Winchmore Hill, Station Road, Farm Road, Firs Lane and Hedge Lane. 
Hours of operation extended and Sunday service introduced, but no early morning or evening service.
Frequency is every 30 minutes Mondays to Saturdays, hourly Sundays, 0700-1900 approx.
Contract retained by London General with 5 existing single deckers.  Starts on 17 Oct 2020.

Route 377:  A new fleet of single decker buses was commissioned for the 377 route (described above).  They entered service on 9th July 2016 and are working well.  
Meanwhile, number 610 buses have changed course and opened up journey opportunities for Students studying at Hatfield College.  
The new routing takes the bus to Enfield Town via Stagg Hill / Cockfosters / Oakwood / Enfield Road / Slades Hill and returns the same way.  

Note: this is not a TfL service so no good for a Freedom Pass Holders until 09:30hrs and then always check your fare - especially if you intend to travel out beyond Cockfosters and the 'pay as you go' zone.


With particular reference to Merryhills and Grange Park primary schools we publish below the announcements from Council to local residents on recent road changes.  These are designed to manage traffic and parking around those institutions. A copy of the Grange Park plan is 
available on application to your webmaster (see our Contact page).

Dear Parent,


The Council will be publishing Traffic Management Orders in the local press for new parking restrictions in the school access road and roundabout area on the 2nd November 2016 as part of the school expansion highway mitigation improvements.  (See attached plan.)

This is the “Statutory Consultation” process in which a public notice is published in the local press and copies placed at the site in question.  If you wish to comment or object to the proposed changes you will have 21 days from the date of publication in which to do so.  Further details will be included in the notice.

Please note that whilst we sympathise with parents whose use of a private motor vehicle is essential for work and transporting their children during the school run, the impact of indiscriminate parking in the school access roads, which are now public highway, is affecting school transport access and road safety.

If approved the new restrictions should be introduced early in the New Year and enforced after a two week warning period around mid to late January.

I have asked the school to upload a copy of this letter and plan of the proposals on the school web site.  Copies of the plans can be requested from the Council by email and are available for inspection at the Civic Centre by appointment only.  If you have any queries or require additional information, please see contact details above.

Howard Kennedy
Senior Traffic Engineer (Contract)
Traffic & Transportation

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