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The Founders Book:  circa 1951.

Other Officers

Eric Willan:
ric moved to Highlands Ward (Slades Hill) before the Second World War; having lived in Tottenham (his birth place) and Edmonton (Hedge Lane).  During the war he transferred from volunteer Territorial to regular Army as Company Sergeant Major in the Royal Engineers and Parachute Regiments.  In the post-war years he pursued a working career as Office Manager in charge of administration at a large local branch of the Eastern Electricity Board.  In 1953 he moved into Cotswold Green.  Here he established himself in the local community and took an interest in the newly formed residents’ association.  His organisation and administrative skills were brought to good use since he served as an Officer on the General Committee from 1954 to 1958.  After 1956 he was largely responsible for a considerable growth in membership which exceeded 1,000 households. In those austere times of ‘make do and mend’ he was also, crucially, custodian of equipment hired out to residents.  The following record illustrates his enterprise:  Distemper & Scrub Brush: 3 days hire for 1 shilling then 6 pence per day thereafter.  Chimney Brush Set: 3 days free of charge then 6 pence per day thereafter.  Ladder: 3 days free of charge then 6 pence per day thereafter.  Tree Pruner (9’ 6”): 1 day free of charge then 6 pence per day thereafter.  A deposit of 1 pound required for each item borrowed.  Eric was a supporter of Tottenham Hotspur football club and a member of the North London Model Engineers Society.  He died in 1993 aged 72 after a short illness and was survived by his wife until her death in the early days of 2020.  His son Dudley has carried forward the concept of duty as a committee member of WERA.

David Elliot:  David was a loyal supporter of WERA for several years and joined the Committee in 2007.  He died early in 2009.  His cheerful and humorous disposition was a valuable asset at meetings.

L. R. Frankland:  In 1992 Chairman Slack wrote to Mr. Frankland acknowledging his resignation from the Committee, after an unspecified number of years.  He had been indisposed for some time and felt unable to continue.  He had also served as a Delegate to FERAA.  The Committee were unanimous in extending their gratitude.  It was their hope he would be able to join future meetings without any obligation.  However; he was never to return and died early in 1993.

Mr. & Mrs. Youlden:  Harold was born in the Ward, loved his community and never moved away; his father before him.  He and his wife lived in the same house on Links Side for more than 60 years.  They joined the Committee in 1960 and were active and prominent members until his retirement in 1986.  They continued to attend for the next decade.  In March 1995 a sad letter reached the Committee from Harold, thanking them effusively for flowers sent to the hospital where Mrs. Youlden lay seriously ill.  Her Consultant had predicted she was unlikely to return home.  Mr. Youden soldiered on until 1998 when another sad letter reached the Association in June; this time from his daughter.  A series of strokes had cut him down and he was to be moved into a nursing home.  However, a final letter announced his death in Chase Farm towards the end of July; a card from WERA at his bedside.


Ernie Willson:
Ernie was a good friend and supporter of WERA for many years.  He died in May 2008.  He was survived by his wife (Doreen) and family.  
Mr. and Mrs. Bundock:  In 1998 Mr. Bundock reported the death of his wife, a stalwart of the Association.  Her kindness and gentility were acknowledged by the conscientious Shirley Merle.

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