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Gerneral Committee Meeting


Tuesday 12th February 2013

Merryhills School – 8pm



Present:          Mr J. Allan, Mrs B Bond, Mrs C. Bunce (Chair),   
                        Mr D. Cockle, 
Mr. J. Robins, Mrs J. Smith, Mr D. Willan,
                        Cllr. Anne-Marie Pearce,  and 9 members of the Association


Apologies:      Cllr. Jon Kaye and Mr M. Squires


Christine welcomed our guest speaker, Gemma Panayi, Outreach Officer from Enfield Library Services. Gemma said that we were fortunate that Enfield had 18 libraries and one mobile library, which was a high number compared with many other London Boroughs. Under one banner the library service also included the Dugdale Centre Museum and the Local History & Archives Centre.  Up to 12 books can be taken out at any one time. Assistance is also offered with P.C’s which can be used free of charge.  There is a small charge for C.D’s and sheet music. The library service has kept up with the digital age and a 24 hour Virtual Service is available at: www.enfield.gov.uk/24hour ,  where you can obtain a wealth of information on Leisure & Study, Oxford Dictionary, on line Language, on line Music, up to date Driving Test Theory to name but a few.  All that you need to do is to put in your library card number.

Ebooks and audio can be downloaded to Blackberry and Iphones and other devices and can be kept for 3 weeks just by using your library card.  However, Kindles are exclusively Amazon. For toddlers and young children there are special offers to assist with literacy, including toy loans and for children under 5 computer buddies.  For housebound people there is a monthly service, which delivers books directly to the home.  There is a budget for purchasing newly published books to keep up with demand. Gemma said that some of the computers were slow but that all computers were due for updating in this financial year to Windows 2007.  The talk was followed by general discussion.  Christine thanked Gemma for her interesting and informative talk.  Christine offered to put a link on our website.


Minutes of Meeting held on 8th January 2013

The Minutes were agreed and signed by the Chair with the following amendment:

Licensing for Chase Green to be amended to read – “at a total cost of £8000.”



Grange Park Extension: Grange Park School have been told that the Council will not help with the problems of parents parking, they will have to sort it out themselves.

Traffic Congestion:   Christine has met with the head teachers of four schools in the area - Eversley, Grange Park, Highlands and St. Paul’s.  There is a possibility that there might now be money for the traffic situation. Bruce Goddard asked why we could not use the Rec to solve parking problems.  Following an ecological survey it was found to contain bats, which are a protected species.  Mary said that money would not solve people causing problems by driving fast and selfish parking.  Traffic in Green Dragon Lane is also causing congestion.

Highlands Ward Priority Fund:

An application has been made to complete the playground refurbishment, allocated in 2011and for an additional £20,000 from the current allocation for refurbishment of the Boxers Lake play area.  It is hoped that the balance will be put towards a green gym on the Rec opposite Merryhills School.  £2000 will go to International Voices of Enfield Children’s Choir.



Water Quality: Water quality in Salmons Brook and Boxers Lake is very poor.  This is twofold, caused by cowboy plumbing with water from dishwasher machines, etc. containing high levels of phosphate and pollutants going into surface drains.  The other is caused by oil being washed up on the road surface due to rainfall.  To improve the water quality the Council in conjunction with the Environmental Agency plan to create a wetland habitat either side of the Glenbrook drain.  This will act as a green sponge by naturally filtering surface water run off from Lonsdale Drive before it enters Boxers Lake.

Police Updates:  None have been advised at the present time.

ATM Scams:  Mary reported scams at Tesco in Oakwood and also in Chase Side, Southgate where there have been cloning devices.  After putting in your details the money does not appear and you are led to believe that it is not working properly.   However, the money has been taken out of the account. 



Christine is standing down as Chair of the Association at this year’s AGM.  Although we have a Committee, at this moment, we do not have a Chair and no one has come forward to take on the role.  We will still produce the quarterly newsletter and the web site, which has been signed up for 5 years.  Christine will be continue to run the website, which is getting some 1,700 hits each month.  The notice board outside the Jolly Farmers Pub will be updated with any information relating to the Association.  After the March 2013 AGM we will be discontinuing monthly meetings.  It costs £50 to hire the Merryhills Canteen and with very low attendance this is very uneconomical. We will still be having our Annual General Meeting, with perhaps a change of venue, maybe at the Jolly Farmers Pub, making it a more social occasion.  Two other local Resident’s Associations meet twice a year and others only have an AGM.   Area Forums are held quarterly, which are attended by our Councillors.  These are advertised in ‘Our Enfield’and the local newspapers.


 The AGM will be Christine’s last meeting.  Christine has chaired the meetings and acted as secretary the past four years. We are now in need of ‘new blood and new ideas’. We are still very hopeful that someone will come forward to offer their services. 


Next Meeting:           






At 8PM








Please make every effort to attend

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