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AGM Minutes


Minutes of the 65th Annual General Meeting held on Tuesday 8th March 2011
Merryhills School, Bincote Road, Enfield

Mrs Bunce welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced our guest speaker, Joanne Woodward, Head of Planning Policy, Regeneration, Leisure and Culture at Enfield Council.
Joanne gave us an introduction to the Planning Policy of the Council and explained how it affects our area.

The Council’s Local Development Framework Plan (LDFP) is decided on what the Borough will need in the next 15 to 20 years and every local authority has to produce a Development Plan based on local pressures in their area. Joanne distributed charts explaining some of the challenges the Council is facing. She said that there were contrasts between the East and the West of the Borough, the West being more affluent and this had to be taken into account with future development plans. All planning applications have to be in line with the Development Plan, drawn from local issues. Also, in London there is something called the ‘London Plan’ which takes into account the Green Belt and housing issues. Enfield, is situated in between the Stansted Corridor and the Thames Gateway.
It has taken several years to get the consensus of what the planning should be for Enfield, taking into account housing needs in the longer term. Previously small units were being built and what is now needed is affordable family size housing.
In November 2010 Enfield Council set out 46 core policies, these are contained in a large booklet on Core Strategy, setting out the strategic framework for the Borough, and Joanne handed out a colour coded map of the areas included. Joanne then explained the key message in the Core Strategy which included amongst other things, housing policy to build 11,000 new homes by 2026 of high quality design on brownfill sites, to increase employment, to build new schools and to protect conservation areas including the Green Belt and parks, as these added to the quality of life in the Borough. Joanne then referred to Core Policy 33 for the Green Belt and countryside and the commitment to continue to protect and enhance the Green Belt.
Middlesex University was pulling out of Trent Park and Trent Park and Picketts Lock were designated as major development sites in the Green Belt in consultation with local groups. The traffic implication will be a serious consideration with planning applications. Specific policies for Crews Hill and supporting farm diversication and development in the area would be looked at. In the next 12 months Development Management documents would be going to consultation. There were to be changes in the Localisation Bill going through Parliament affecting planning. This will give local people more control over what is happening in their area. Groups and residents can get together, they might not be able to stop development but might be able to change it.
There was a question and answer session during which residents raised concerns about proposed development of the field on Enfield Road by Fairview for a planned one thousand homes and resulting in increased traffic, bearing in mind this was Green Belt land. Assurances were given that there were no plans by the Council to release this Green Belt land for development at the moment.
Joanne Woodward was thanked for her informative presentation.
Matters Arising
Merryhills School expansion: There is a meeting on the 31st March at 7pm. Plans for the new School extension will be available and the architect will be there to discuss them. Everyone with any concerns is welcome to come whether they are parents or residents. Most concerns relate to the traffic situation and when the planning applications are available we will be lodging our objections.
Update from the Police: Peter Eldridge of the Safer Neighbourhood Team updated us with the latest crime figures for February. There were 41 recorded crimes, 8 residential, 1 shed burlary and 9 offences at Chase Farm Hospital. When Chief Superintendent David Tucker, Borough Commander, was our guest speaker at last years AGM, he said he was hoping for a 24% reduction in overall crime and with 5 weeks to go there has been a 71% reduction. The majority of the crime being over the East side of the Borough with a big increase in Turkey Street and Ponders End. There were 395 reported crimes compared with 542 last year. There had been 110 burglaries last year with 53 this year. There had been complaints of cars revving up and possible drug dealings at Lakeside and the Jolly Farmers car park.
There is to be a presentation by the Attic Theatre Company on crime prevention on the 14th March at 1.30pm at the Civic Centre.
Treasurer’s Report: Michael Holdup, our treasurer was unable to be with us. The audited accounts were handed out. The closing balance to 31st December 2010 was 3,760. Most of the costs were for hiring the hall and printing for the news letters. It was agreed that subs would remain at 1 and that we would donate some of our funds to a charity.
Chairman’s Report: Christine thanked everyone for coming and Joanne Woodward our guest speaker for her presentation and Christine is to send her a ‘thank you’ letter.
She spoke about the possible development of the Field and the extension at Merryhills and that the Association are doing their best whatever happens in the future to represent the views of the local residents if the school extension goes ahead .
Christine thanked the road stewards, and the Membership Steward and Dave Cockle and his wife Sue for arranging the annual evening for the road stewards. Christine also thanked the Committee for all the support they give and for attending Committee meetings before the newsletter goes out. She said we were fortunate with our Ward Councillors who were always prepared to support us, and also the Safer Neighbourhood Team, especially Peter Eldridge, who has come along to every one of our meetings and given us monthly crime updates.
Election of the Committee: Christine asked if anyone would like to take over any of the posts, if not the present Committee would stand and this was agreed: -

President: John Allen
Chairman: Christine Bunce
Secretary: Brenda Bond
Treasurer: Michael Holdup
Membership Secretary: Dave Cockle
Committee Members: Norah Davis, Jim Robins, Jackie Smith, Dudley Willan
Auditor: David Salt

Any Other Business: There were to be displays in March in the Conference Room on environmental issues with displays of services by experienced officers so we can learn about the various services that the Council provide. Anyone interested to contact Sharon Haughey on 8379 1789 of the Enfield Society.
The FERAA Chairman had informed us that postage is going up and that a 1st class stamp will be 46p, 2nd class 36p and large envelopes 75p.
Anne-Marie informed us that at last weeks Council meeting it was agreed that each ward would be given an amount to spend on community projects, this to be spent before July 2011. The three wards covered are Highlands, Grange and Cockfosters who were to receive 44,000 each and suggestions for spending should be given to Christine or Anne-Marie.
Anne- Marie reminded everyone to complete their Census forms.
Nothing had been heard of the doctor’s surgery.
The multi games area at Merryhills School is going through planning. Bob Ayton was going to advise us when the planning application was going through for the school extension. We were encouraged to check the website: www.westernenfieldresidentsassociation.com and it was suggested that we have a deputation to go to the Cabinet meeting regarding the traffic situation relating to the extension, made up of WERA members, residents, interested individuals and the police. Anne-Marie will speak to Peter Eldridge about the traffic situation.

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